Name- Gesha(Неnry)
Place of birth - Russia
Birthday- 02/16
Height - 170cm
Hobby- Cosplay, Photography, Travel, Wigmaking


A regular member of the jury at the Russian Anime Festivals. (Guest and Jury) of Russia at the festivals 2014-2018 China(ACG's), Serbia(Beocon), Viet Nam (Anime Matsuri),Thailand(YuriOnIce Dancing on Blades con), Spain (Japan weekend 2017-18), Germany (Tropicon), Italy (BCComix). Japan (Cooperate with Dentsu (Sugoi Japan 2014 project) and Yume(no)Sora company -ToraFes 2015 as Official Cosplayer.

Official cosers on music and technology festival AlfaFuturePeople 2015, CYW 2015 selection of the jury group defile, AniShinai 2015 1 place thematic defile. Was participated in contest Russian WCS and Jfest(2013-2016)

Wins:ChaNoYu 2009 (The best number Cartoon Show, The best heroic number, The choice of the hall in the Cartoon Show; 2013 Defile (the best number of the block).Animatrix 2012 (Group defile) Tula selection of the hall, 2013 (musical defile west) selection of the hall, 2014 (photocos online voting).oguchi 2013 (special prize from Rusanimefest, defile), Tula anime festival 2013 pair fashion defile.
1st place, Oryol anime festival 2013 , 2nd place photo),Oni-no-Yoru 2013 1 place group defile + (letter from the organizers for an out-of-competition performance and encore), Animatouri 2013 (sketch 2 jury, a choice of a hall), Odessa ComicCon 2014 1 place (jury) group action defile, Veli master classes on Animatrix 2013 and Oni-no-yoru